Ways to Give a Good Editorial

writerBeing on the radio as a DJ can be a double-edged sword for you. It is a great way for you to voice your thoughts and speak your mind. Issues that you want the government or the general public to deal with can be stated on your radio show. You can speak of current Amsterdam canal tour concerns or adding more artwork in the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. As more and more people listen to you, your opinion gets to be more important. And your voice can be the same reason why some advocacies and principles will start to be heard as well.

But making commentaries on the radio can also cause harsh negative effects to you and to the people around you. As you become more influential to people, you can also give ill advice and every follower that you have will still abide by what you are saying.

To make things right, here are the things that you should take into consideration in giving an editorial about specific matters:

Always use the “my opinion” clause

Have you ever heard of the My Opinion clause? It goes like this, “Any opinions voiced out by the host or DJ is not in any way a representation of the opinion of the show or the network.” You always have to be clear on this. Many DJs have come and gone because they do not care about the network or studio that they are working in. You have to always consider them as the one who is giving you the salary for your work. When you are voicing out on delicate issues, you always have to say that this is only your opinion. This is to clear the name of your company and the show in case something bad happens.

radio announcer

Respect the regulations of your company

If you own the company, then, by all means, do whatever you wish. But if you are working for a network that is not your own, you have to respect the regulations implemented by the company. Read the by-laws and the guidelines. Never go against the rules set by the company. A good thing about radio companies is that you are still given a lot of space and leeway for your comments and recommendations.